Path’s Last Hope Nike Plus

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I've definitely noticed a decline in engagement amongst my Path friends.
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Weekend Project: Restoring My Finds

Categories: Culture, Featured, Style

"Weekend Project" my newest hobby of restoring my antique/vintage finds.
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Are Zooey & Her Boys Adorkable Enough in New Girl

Categories: Events, Featured, TV

Will the months of "adorkable" marketing be enough for viewers to watch New Girl this Tuesday?
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Listening to Murdoch Get A Pie In the Face 1926 Style

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While on my morning commute in the car listening to the Murdoch hearings, all I hear are gasps followed by me screaming WTF just happened???
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Support Indie Designers at THREAD

Categories: Events, Featured, Style

Eight years and running this show features some of the best independent designers on the west coast.
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Yes Daryl Hall & Chromeo I Can Go For That

Categories: Featured, Music

Really want to know why wasn't this series promoted more!
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Rapture Told by The Simpsons

Categories: Events, Featured, Theories & Philosophies

For everyone who didn't understand Wikipedia's version of The Rapture. Here's a version you'll understand.
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Why #TheVoice Rocks My Socks

Categories: Featured, Music, Social Media

Reasons why I will choose The Voice over American Idol any day
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Google Chrome Made Me Cry

Categories: Featured, Social Media, Tech, Viral Videos

Congratulations Google you succeeded! You made me and the whole world cry with your ad!
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How to Stay Nostalgic About Coachella

Categories: Cool Facts, Culture, Events, Featured, Music

One week later and I'm still thinking about last weekend at Coachella. Throughout the week I've subconsciously been doing certain actions that made me feel this sense of nostalgia.
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SDSU You Did Your Best in March Madness

Categories: Events, Featured, Sports

Before March Madness had even begun, I started following SDSU's journey to what some had hope for to the Final Four.
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10 Things I’ve Learned About Boggle on the iPad

Categories: Featured, Tech, Theories & Philosophies

For weeks I've been obsessively playing Boggle on the
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Zuckerberg Starts a Facebook Page for “Beast” His Puppy

Categories: Cool Facts, Featured, Social Media, Websites

So Mr. Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg, started a Facebook page for his puli puppy, Beast.
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